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GrimWillow wrote

I reccomend checking out the Anarchist FAQ to find a clear answer as to why "anarcho-capitalists" have misunderstood the meaning of the word Anarchism, and are affecting actual Anarchists negatively by representing themselves as such.

Here's a quote from their page, answering the question of whether or not anarcho-capitalists are real Anarchists:

In a word, no. While “anarcho”-capitalists obviously try to associate themselves with the anarchist tradition by using the word “anarcho” or by calling themselves “anarchists” their ideas are distinctly at odds with those associated with anarchism. As a result, any claims that their ideas are anarchist or that they are part of the anarchist tradition or movement are false.

“Anarcho”-capitalists claim to be anarchists because they say that they oppose government. As noted in the last section, they use a dictionary definition of anarchism. However, this fails to appreciate that anarchism is a political theory. As dictionaries are rarely politically sophisticated things, this means that they fail to recognise that anarchism is more than just opposition to government, it is also marked a opposition to capitalism (i.e. exploitation and private property). Thus, opposition to government is a necessary but not sufficient condition for being an anarchist — you also need to be opposed to exploitation and capitalist private property. As “anarcho”-capitalists do not consider interest, rent and profits (i.e. capitalism) to be exploitative nor oppose capitalist property rights, they are not anarchists. more

In short, all Anarchists oppose capitalism. This forum is mostly for Anarchists.


Mortos3 wrote

Hmm, yes Anarcho-Capitalist is a somewhat problematic term due to that. Maybe Voluntaryism is better. I've never gotten too deep into the nuances of political theory though.