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selver wrote (edited )

Same rules as the last place.

Raddle Terms of Service:

Content Policy

Content is prohibited if it:

Promotes white supremacy, homophobia or heterosexism, transphobia or cisgenderism, misogyny or patriarchy, classism, ableism, body shaming, antisemitism, Islamophobia, colonialism or age discrimination.

Sexualizes minors or promotes adults having sex with minors.

Trivializes or makes light of rape.

Apologizes for police or military brutality, imperialism, eugenics, genocide.

Apologizes for violence towards children.

Is a pornographic image/video (however, nudity is permitted if it's non-pornographic).

I'm all for harboring expropriators here, but please respect the rules of the site. Don't fuck up the anarchist threads or the purges will begin.

I hadn't heard of MEGAlinks, but it looks like a pretty huge subreddit for piracy, how the fuck did you guys escape the ban?


000 moderator wrote

how the fuck did you guys escape the ban?

Using covert, counter-capitalist methods and technologies!