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000 OP wrote

The current top Raddle forum has 771 subscribers. Reddit’s MEGAlinks has 100,000. I think we can become #1 pretty fast if we all spread the word!


Ulver wrote

Due to site limitations and exposure it will likely not happen anytime soon which is in effect a good thing. Over exposure tends to kill this sort of stuff. In addition they seem to be working off of a really small budget so we could crash them.


boringskip wrote

More devs are always welcome! Also, I'll discuss code bounties or similar with the regulars.


Angorod wrote

The site looks good and clean, I think I might get used to it pretty fast. I'll try to spread the word to my friends.


lupin wrote

We already have 325 in a day!


000 OP wrote

Yeah I’ve been eagerly watching! We may become the #1 forum within the first 24 hours!


gruetzhaxe wrote

First thought that was a sub archiving hosts of the Marx-Engels-Gesamtausgabe.


taosk8r wrote (edited )

I cant even see a button to subscribe to this subraddle. :( Can anyone tell me where it is?


watermelon wrote

disable your ad blocker on this site. there are no ads but some adblockers treat the subscribe buttons as ads for some reason.


Doctorwho6904 wrote

Well i think that in a few more day's it will be the top one. As right at this moment it's standing at 404 subscriber's.


BungleMaestro wrote

...why would we want to become number one? Keeping it lowkey would be wiser.