Welcome former Redditors!

Submitted by 000 in MEGAlinks (edited )

This forum is a replacement for the soon-to-be deleted subreddit. Same rules as the last place.

Pro tip: leave the URL field blank to create a text-only post!

Also, there no mobile app, probably never will be, but if you want to make the site easier to view on mobile devices go to your user settings and change the appearance to the theme ‘material-beta’.

Regarding the ability to search: this may be incorporated locally to the site in the future but for now use this:


site:raddle.me (search term)

Lastly: please branch out and enjoy the rest of Raddle. If you’re interested in adding new forums to replace subReddits, go ahead. And please spread the word! Reddit is a sinking ship and has become almost unusable. Help create a better Reddit in Raddle!

UPDATE: Any post with naked links not protected or obfuscated in any way will be deleted. Anyone abusing this on multiple occasions will face the ban hammer! Not trying to be an ahole mod but we do want the links to stay valid for as long as possible. There's already been some trolling of posters so stay vigilant and please report any fuckery. Thx!


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000 wrote

The current top Raddle forum has 771 subscribers. Reddit’s MEGAlinks has 100,000. I think we can become #1 pretty fast if we all spread the word!


Ulver wrote

Due to site limitations and exposure it will likely not happen anytime soon which is in effect a good thing. Over exposure tends to kill this sort of stuff. In addition they seem to be working off of a really small budget so we could crash them.


boringskip wrote

More devs are always welcome! Also, I'll discuss code bounties or similar with the regulars.


Angorod wrote

The site looks good and clean, I think I might get used to it pretty fast. I'll try to spread the word to my friends.


lupin wrote

We already have 325 in a day!


000 wrote

Yeah I’ve been eagerly watching! We may become the #1 forum within the first 24 hours!


taosk8r wrote (edited )

I cant even see a button to subscribe to this subraddle. :( Can anyone tell me where it is?


_ziq_ wrote

disable your ad blocker on this site. there are no ads but some adblockers treat the subscribe buttons as ads for some reason.


Doctorwho6904 wrote

Well i think that in a few more day's it will be the top one. As right at this moment it's standing at 404 subscriber's.


GrimWillow wrote

I hope y'all hate any state and like Anarchists, because that's what's great about Raddle. I hope the admins make sure that never changes.


Mortos3 wrote

I'm a Libertarian who leans towards Anarcho-Capitalist, hope that's welcome here too


GrimWillow wrote

I reccomend checking out the Anarchist FAQ to find a clear answer as to why "anarcho-capitalists" have misunderstood the meaning of the word Anarchism, and are affecting actual Anarchists negatively by representing themselves as such.

Here's a quote from their page, answering the question of whether or not anarcho-capitalists are real Anarchists:

In a word, no. While “anarcho”-capitalists obviously try to associate themselves with the anarchist tradition by using the word “anarcho” or by calling themselves “anarchists” their ideas are distinctly at odds with those associated with anarchism. As a result, any claims that their ideas are anarchist or that they are part of the anarchist tradition or movement are false.

“Anarcho”-capitalists claim to be anarchists because they say that they oppose government. As noted in the last section, they use a dictionary definition of anarchism. However, this fails to appreciate that anarchism is a political theory. As dictionaries are rarely politically sophisticated things, this means that they fail to recognise that anarchism is more than just opposition to government, it is also marked a opposition to capitalism (i.e. exploitation and private property). Thus, opposition to government is a necessary but not sufficient condition for being an anarchist — you also need to be opposed to exploitation and capitalist private property. As “anarcho”-capitalists do not consider interest, rent and profits (i.e. capitalism) to be exploitative nor oppose capitalist property rights, they are not anarchists. more

In short, all Anarchists oppose capitalism. This forum is mostly for Anarchists.


Mortos3 wrote

Hmm, yes Anarcho-Capitalist is a somewhat problematic term due to that. Maybe Voluntaryism is better. I've never gotten too deep into the nuances of political theory though.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

This site is for anyone who doesn't break the w/terms_of_service.

Libertarians are as welcome as any other ideology.

There were a bunch of people with a similar ideology to you who wanted to run an forum and did so for a little while, and though we won't accept a capitalist forum calling itself anarchist here, if you called yourself voluntaryist for example that would be ok.


Mortos3 wrote

Thanks. I'm mostly here for the Megalinks forum though, not interested in starting a political forum.


selver wrote (edited )

Same rules as the last place.

Raddle Terms of Service:

Content Policy

Content is prohibited if it:

Promotes white supremacy, homophobia or heterosexism, transphobia or cisgenderism, misogyny or patriarchy, classism, ableism, body shaming, antisemitism, Islamophobia, colonialism or age discrimination.

Sexualizes minors or promotes adults having sex with minors.

Trivializes or makes light of rape.

Apologizes for police or military brutality, imperialism, eugenics, genocide.

Apologizes for violence towards children.

Is a pornographic image/video (however, nudity is permitted if it's non-pornographic).

I'm all for harboring expropriators here, but please respect the rules of the site. Don't fuck up the anarchist threads or the purges will begin.

I hadn't heard of MEGAlinks, but it looks like a pretty huge subreddit for piracy, how the fuck did you guys escape the ban?


000 moderator wrote

how the fuck did you guys escape the ban?

Using covert, counter-capitalist methods and technologies!


gl1tch wrote

sweet.. site looks great to be honest.


bee wrote

I'm glad there's already something up to replace... biggest thing I'm glad about is that my username was not already taken.


ctc_upload wrote

I would like to propose we migrate to a decentralized service such as Zeronet or Clearnet. The decentralized nature of such 'nets prevents any sort of easy takedown.


hi_mom wrote

iOS users tip: open this url in safari and press the share button and then add it to your homescreen for quick “mobile access”


BoxenGlomal wrote

Long time lurker at the old subreddit, first time poster. Hello everybody


TaintedAardvark wrote

I like it so far. As much as I hope there's a way to save the original sub, this is a nice place. It'll take some getting used to.


TagNut wrote

Good afternoon (where i am anyway) all. Im a jumpship from the reddit sub. Can see the beginning of the end over there. I had actually never heard of raddle before today, only had a quick look but some really interesting looking forums. Looking forward to getting stuck in. Thanks reddit :)


digby wrote

Just a thank you to the mods here, for offering us an alternative to the now-defunct reddit. I look forward to exploring this new 'sub'. And thanks to all the posters, of course!


Doctorwho6904 wrote

Well i'm here. And i'll be posting an updated version of my entire book collection soon. Goodbye Reddit! Hello Raddle :)


ubervoid wrote (edited )

Hey man, Would you be open to contacting the current mod team at r/megalinks and having them join your team? I think that might go a long way in keeping the communities intact. Even if they ultimately decide to create another site at least we can all keep the crew together. They obviously did a lot of work making that subreddit and i think it would help to know it was staying in the same hands (even if you are part of that team).

By the way, thanks for creating this raddle.


VexanderG wrote

As a former lurker in /r/megainks... I would have to say... It's a pleasure to be around! Thanks for this dudes.


SporeFace wrote

I was a tehparadox refugee that washed up on reddit, so hopefully raddle is going to be around for a while because this is getting exhausting :/


meseeks_programmer wrote (edited )



Here is a backup I made of all the content posted on r/megalinks starting from Jan 1, 2015.

JSON Format:

    comments: [] as a list,

No reason to lose all these old links :D


Mortos3 wrote

Nice! I thought Reddit had a limitation of only being able to look back a certain number of posts though, how did you capture all of it?


gurbhedgethehedgehog wrote

I used a special method using PRAW to search between dates, but it is being discontinued I heard at the end of the month by reddits new api rules, which is a bunch of bs. I'm currently doing another bigger grab even further back in time, and even organizing it into smaller files for Movies/TV/.. Will post when I finish doing that as well.


iguanacam wrote

Where do requests go now? Still on reddit until it's deleted, or is someone going to make a requests thread?


000 moderator wrote (edited )

I’ll make one tomorrow. Probably just copy the Reddit format.


johnrweb wrote

I'm a lurker on reddit. I'll be a lurker over here too. Thanks Admin for creating this forum.


OLKv4 wrote

It feels so weird to post without RES


curiousd wrote

Hi. I know that this sub is young, but it won't be long before it becomes populated with many threads. I'm sorry if it is obvious, but I don't see a search function for this sub. Is there one?


InternetDorku wrote

Is there no subscribe button like Reddit?


sand wrote (edited )

i think people have been having trouble with a specific 3rd party adblocker list in ublock iirc, something like fanboy something. makes the subscribe button disappear