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Ashy wrote

1: frick you GNOME is the best DE

2: yeah Windows 11 is really awfully designed at this in general tbh. i'd really expect more in terms of UI design from a literal trillion dollar company lol

my main issue with it now is the fact that the start menu is centered with the apps...just doesn't make sense imo


adi OP wrote

Reply to comment by temtemy in How to hack by adi

lol dont worry, there's a defcon talk on YouTube explaining how to fix that and then use yr newly repaired machine to hack the FAA and reroute all air traffic.


Cunnilingus wrote


Base System: Ubuntu 18.04.2
Linux Kernel 4.20.0-xanmod1
MATE Desktop Environment 1.20.1
Added Algo VPN (2019-02-02)
Added Multi-Messenger Firefox Addon 1.4.0
Added Outline Manager 1.2.2
Added Riot Instant Messenger 0.17.9
Added Streisand (2019-01-15)
Added Stubby (DNS-Over-TLS) 0.2.2
Added Telegram Desktop 1.5.11
Added Wireguard VPN 0.0.20190123
Maintained Jami (Ring) 20190125.1
Removed Bitmask
Removed Cjdns
Removed DNScrypt-Proxy
Removed Jitsi
Removed ZuluCrypt
Upgraded Bleachbit 2.0
Upgraded Ecryptfs Utilities 111
Upgraded Enigmail 2.0.8
Upgraded Firefox Quantum 66.0.b6
Upgraded Freenet Installer 1483
Upgraded I2P 0.9.38-0
Upgraded IPFS-Desktop 0.6.1
Upgraded Lantern 5.2.8
Upgraded Obfs4proxy 0.0.7
Upgraded Onionshare 1.3.1
Upgraded OpenVPN 2.4.4
Upgraded Signal Desktop 1.21.1
Upgraded SoftEtherVPN 5.01.9669
Upgraded Thunderbird 60.2.1 (with Enigmail and TorBirdy)
Upgraded Tor
Upgraded TorBirdy 0.2.3
Upgraded Tor Browser 8.0.a10
Upgraded VeraCrypt 1.22
Upgraded WebSDR Server List (Integrated as Firefox Bookmarks)