Intel Celeron Processor N3450 compatibility?

Submitted by supernice in Linux

Does anyone have any experience with this processor on a Linux system, Debian based preferably?

I've read a few things online where people have been getting it working, but I'm kind of wary to be honest. I've followed similar instructions for Atom processors and it's hit and miss.

I'm thinking about buying a Chinese laptop (LHMZNIY Lightweight & Ultra-thin Laptop).


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thekraken wrote

They work, but you need to know what kind of BIOS/UEFI the thing has. Some devices with 64bit CPUs but 32bit UEFI can be a bit of a pain to deal with. Hardware support can vary widely by model on laptops, as well.


supernice wrote

Yeah, I experienced the 32bit UEFI insanity on a couple of machines from China, but they were Atom processors. Some distro's work, but definitely not all.

I guess I was hoping that the Celeron's were a known 64bit UEFI, but I guess there's no way to be sure :(