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asterism wrote (edited )

dell, system 76, pine64, and purism off the top of my head.

though I would just get a used thinkpad or buy from a reseller that puts linux on thinkpads.


kano wrote

I think Lenovo does one too, DK how worth it is to search one specifically though. Most stuff can run Linux and installing ain't complicated depending on the distro


Fool wrote

If you do a search on your search engine of choice, I'm sure some options relevant to your location will come up.


ArmyOfOne wrote (edited )

System76 are the finest Linux laptops out there, with the best specs, but pricey too. I think the Pinebook Pro is fine due to being cheap and good quality.

But realize buying new -regardless of Linux- is putting pressure on logistics and hardware production across the globe, so it's wiser to get a good used laptop.

Like others said, the majority of Linux distros will work out-of-the-box with any laptop. Just install one to a USB key with Rufus and you're there. You might have to install Nvidia drivers in some machines, but that's it. Some distros got installers that are way easier and flexible than the Windows installer.