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temtemy wrote

The title doesn't make sense. You already have Linux in your Chromebook. What you're really doing is installing another userland, which in this case is GNU.


whipskid wrote (edited )

Actually Chromebooks don't come preinstalled with Linux. What you're referring to as Linux is actually Google slash Linux, or as I've recently taken to calling it Google plus Linux. Linux is not an ecosystem unto itself, but rather a free component of a fully functioning Google ecosystem, included on mobile, laptop and cloud.


kinshavo OP wrote

The answer is that Chrome OS is not really Linux, even though it is based on the Linux Kernel. It has a hidden terminal, but it doesn’t let you do many things. Even many simple Linux commands won’t work by default. It’s a closed source, propriety OS and it is locked down, for security reasons.

But I will take your word for it. I am very gullible regarding tech stuff so jokes on me lol... Too old to be a millennial and too young to be a X.