FLOSS, Torrent based YouTube alternative. github.com

Submitted by aiwendil in LibreCulture

Can we set one of these up for Raddle? I really like the idea of using torrenting to move things around the internet more efficiently. I think in the post Net Neutrality US, we are going to have to get more creative about sharing data. I am glad to see other people working on these kinds of ideas.


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zombie_berkman wrote

oh shit so this is what peertube was. i saw someone mention it a day or 2 ago and thought it was a typo


aiwendil wrote

yeah, it looks rad, but I think we would have to set up a server to post content. Or maybe we could set up multiple servers and really capitalize on the distribution of data over multiple computers so it's not just using up space on one server. While at it, we should get a media goblin going to so we can post images more easily. I wish I had a bigger raid setup, I would do this today if I did.


mofongo wrote

I'm getting a rPi soon, I'm going to add these as projects however it's a pi zero so it'll probably be very slow for anything long term.


selver wrote

Yeah I've got two Pi 3's collecting dust that could be used for something.