"At the Turning Point: An Open Letter to my Chavista Friends" from poet and writer Clifton Ross libcom.org

Submitted by TheCaribGrackle in LibertarianSocialism

Posted in Libcom.org, you'll find an open-statement made by the leftist poet and writter Clifton Ross who, previously dazzled by the project know as the "Bolivarian Revolution" back in 2005, nowadays separates himself from any support to the so-called "revolution" and brings criticism to its State socialism.

Ross was invited to participate in 2005 in the World Poetry Festival of Venezuela, an event backed by the State, where he made public his support to the Government of Venezuela against the imperialist Bush and released a movie documentary in 2008 regarding his experience while in Venezuela, titled Venezuela: Revolution From The Inside Out.

Little by little he distanced himself from that support, as the Venezuelan government made clear its intention developing to the current repressive, statist and centralized government of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela.



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tnstaec wrote

It's tragic what has become of Venezuela. When will the Left learn from the failures of the 20th century?