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lettuceLeafer wrote

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Bitcoin is the perfect currency for a truly free market.

Yeah it so fucking useful for governments to have digital records of all transactions. That would never be used to hamper individual freedom. This article is just some writer making up a bunch of shit about Bitcoin good so they can get a commission for some Bitcoin gambling site or something similar. Didn't read that far bc th we useless articles r a dime a dozen


aaaaarg wrote

I'm trying to think about why this makes me feel uncomfortable.

On the one hand I don't really see any harm in people making or enjoying sex toys. Although this type of sex toy feels like it has been sourced from the very bottom of the uncanny valley that's probably a matter of taste.

I think what is probably more unsettling is the values it embodies and the context which it is made in. In a world in which women find themselves acting as men's therapist, mum and fleshlight does this reduce the burden on them or cement that expectation?

Even without that baggage can this really be a substitute for genuine human interaction? Isn't it selling a false cure to the symptoms of isolation and alienation while never addressing the cause?

Does anyone really benefit?


lettuceLeafer OP wrote

Yeah my opinion is that if the government implements medicare for all I won't complain but in reality I would only be happy with decriminalized and deregulated medicine so anarchist medical care can be done without committing a felony.

State run free medical care is a helpful compromise but I refuse to compromise.


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Good article, thank you for sharing.

The intersectionality of these issues with the struggles of migrants, transgender people, and others is very important and often overlooked in cryptocurrency discussions of KYC. As the article rightly points out, KYC has been everywhere for quite some time.


moonlune wrote

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Would you mind doing an AMA? I don't have questions myself but would be interested in what other users here would ask, and your answers to them :)



CSoF wrote (edited )

So long as your 'fair' society is taking into account all the different wants and needs that people will have; you will find that there is no truly perfect way to make it 'fair'. Even if you try to make thing equal/equitable in some fashion, you will end up having to be unfair to someone or even something else in some fashion. You might argue that there are reasonable loses and limitations that can be worked with/around, and I would agree to some extent. However, if your intent is to build a 'fairer' system than the one you currently live in; I implore you to consider all the things that you wouldn't normally care about because you never have had to bother thinking about them before. They may seem like 'exceptions' to you, but they might be the straw that breaks the camels back to another. And that right there is why you will never make a 'fairer' system than one that works on the basis of human nature.

Sorry pal, but people are naturally greedy. Even when you get us to share and cooperate, at the end of the day, people like to have things of their own, and other such topics of discussion surrounding property. Even the most austerity stricken hermit with little to no possessions will have some want or need they deem more important than whatever you argue is even more so. Some thing they place more value on than you do.

And so again, this is why you will never make a 'fairer' system with your current approach. Anarchy is not a way to fix things. Anarchy is the just the chaos inbetween the old system and the new system. And if you already acknowledge this as you might, based on your post; then you should be wise enough that the ultimate corrupting factor to any system, is its government itself.

I.E. You'll never make your perfect system so long as it requires a government of any sort. Let me repeat that. Of ANY sort. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Some exceptional leaders have existed in the past, but they truly are exceptions. And no, you likely are not one of them, no matter how much you might have deluded yourself into believing otherwise. And if so, then all the more reason to fight you tooth and nail, to the bone until either the tree of liberty has been fed, one way or another. Whether it stays standing depends on who wins.

As a side note for those curious: I score as a centrist libertarian in most pol tests. Sometimes swinging slightly left or right depending on the times/day/feelings/opinions/etc.

I DO NOT believe anarchy has any good use beyond use as a philosophical tool for discussion. It is the wet dream of teenagers and angry adults only.

The rest of us would prefer to rebuild society by mutating it, not by burning it down. Mutate, excise, enhance, repeat. That is the best way. IMHO.

You all have a nice day now. This has been my first post on this platform. Hopefully not my last.

ALSO, as a final thought: Dolly, I understand that you likely have good intentions at heart, and I don't mean to seem ... attacking ... in my approach to you. However, as that may be the case, I must be very clear in the historical fact that no revolution has ever really turned out how those who started them intended. No bloody revolution has ever really been of any real benefit to society except after many years, and at that point we can start pointing to many other things that would have been just as beneficial if we are being generous to the revolution itself, if not more beneficial than the revolution itself. Many of these things work in tandem too of course, and so we have to take that into consideration as well.

At the end of the day, unless you have a better plan than "burn it down and rebuild", don't quit your day job to join the unruly mob.

So to properly answer the question you have posed.



masque wrote (edited )

There are no "actual publications" involved here. Also, the posts are honestly not that radical. Lots of "Trump is a fascist" and liking radical music, but the only thing that even mildly suggests that he would be willing to take illegal action is a paraphrase from a less-than-trustworthy source, not backed up by any screenshots, which is itself too vague to imply anything illegal. Really, all we know about Coomer is that he doesn't like Trump. I'm sure there are plenty of higher-ups at Dominion who don't like Biden, but I don't suppose that you'd consider that evidence of anything?

also, it kinda does when he is the VP. he has enough power to control what happens, also, if he is the VP you can probably garuntee that he hires who he wants. meaning that he could control his underlings to do as he believes because their belief system is the same.

What do you think the "belief system" involved here is? There are millions of people in the US who would say "Trump is a fascist" on Facebook, but only a tiny fraction of them would consider committing massive election fraud, and I don't see how you would identify those people during the hiring process. But the bigger issue is that actually modifying the voting machines would mostly be a job for the lower-level software developers, who are definitely not hired directly by the VP of Engineering. This idea that anything in this article is concerning is basically totally vacuous.

There has not been any credible evidence of election fraud in this election, and people who want there to have been are grasping at straws at this point.


Quantum01 OP wrote

yes, i am aware of my environment and i know the ramifications of posting this stuff on here. theres a difference to me in someone writitng this shit on raddle than an actual publication though.

also, it kinda does when he is the VP. he has enough power to control what happens, also, if he is the VP you can probably garuntee that he hires who he wants. meaning that he could control his underlings to do as he believes because their belief system is the same.


masque wrote

You know raddle is generally a pro-antifa website, right? The social media posts by Coomer in this article are no more radical than what gets posted on raddle on a regular basis.

Also, the fact that one employee involved in designing voting machines has strong political beliefs does not in any way imply that the company was engaged in massive voter fraud.


MoralOrel wrote

I didn't vote in this election, despite calls from many "Libertarians" to vote for Trump, which I view as completely asinine. By voting, you choose to uphold a large scale Federal system, that will only grow more authoritarian as time goes on, no matter which party is in charge. I think a lot of true believers in libertarian philosophy would prefer to see the system change by other means; namely the dismantling of the Federal system as a whole, to the point where there really wouldn't be a president to vote for.