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I created this forum to provide a space for people on the edge of modern society that are for small government, were ok with having a government, we just want the reach to be very limited. Some of us may come off as crazy anarchist, crazy capitalist or if you are like me, some of us may be more centered in our beliefs, but nonetheless we want the government to be as small as possible. We want ultimate freedom without being forced to pay for things we don't believe in, or want to participate in. High taxes, regulation, and unnecessary laws create an environment where we are taken advantage of by the very government that was created to serve us.

This is where we can speak up and stand up against the big governments in the world.

So, join in the conversation. Make sure you respect other human beings. We all bleed the same. Although I can put my pants on both legs at the same time, I will mention that I have to sit down and try not to fall on my face. Don't disrespect your fellow humans. You will get banned.



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MHC wrote

I read that Julian Assange was right libertarian.