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josefStallman wrote

Qubes is the best distro for security, if that's what you're looking for.

Parabola is the most up-to-date with newest and most interesting software.

Fedora (with freed-ora, as /u/F7inseat said), is best if you just want a good, stable distro for day-to-day stuff. It's what I've been using for almost a year.

If you want to try something really new, check out Liberty BSD.


zod wrote

I'm downloading Qubes now, does it rely heavily on the terminal?


josefStallman wrote

Surprisingly no, most of the configuration can be done in the qubes manager GUI, but if you're not familiar enough with Linux to be confident enough to use the terminal well I'm not sure it'll work well.


NEOalquimista wrote

Fedora is something in between distros like Ubuntu and, say, Trisquel. Because by default it only ships free software with the exception of hardware drivers (just to make things work). I feel it's more professional and cleaner. They don't mess with themes and heavy modifications. And the GNOME environment is a little better than what you would get with Arch (even after days of customization). They added more categories to GNOME Software, so you can install codecs, fonts (the best fonts i've ever seen) and GNOME extensions.

Fedora also implements new technologies faster. By using it, you're helping to make things more reliable for everyone else later.

I use Fedora to develop GNOME apps. Ubuntu MATE is installed on my netbook, which I use for multimedia stuff (it's like a toy).


surreal wrote

Debian since 10 years now on all my servers/desktop/laptops, until systemd takes over :(


sudo wrote

I've tried debian, and loved it. But, I'd recommend trying out Qubes, if you haven't yet. It's probably the best one for communists and anarchists to use.


alqm wrote (edited )

Running Debian because it's easier to configure a Tor relay on my spare laptop. And it's not so manual as Arch. Sits in the middle.

EDIT: Also for not being controlled by a company.


chauhankiran wrote

Debian. I personally like because of its stability and long term support.


aiwendil wrote

I still primarily use Debian, but have been really into Subgraph lately. I really appreciate what they are doing for security.