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xxi wrote (edited )

Your head. Immune to software bugs, exploits and pretty much impossible to break into unless you or some reason really like to talk about your passwords.

I'm not just being a smartass. I tried a few and I never got it. I think most people have some kind creative thing they do. Borrow from that. Any kind of pattern you know by heart that others wouldn't.

Doesn't matter what it is. Knitting patterns, musical notation, the dimensions of a boat you'd like to build. Translate it into keyboard strokes. Something private nobody knows about because it's a figment of your imagination. If you're really paranoid it's easy to remember 40-50 characters passwords by doing that.

It's not for everybody. I just dislike password managers, haha. The above it my recommendation. Be your own password manager. Get creative.


thelegendarybirdmonster OP wrote

I fall into the bad habit of having the same password for everything when I do that, which is worse than having a password manager. Thanks for the input though, as you methods is the most secure.


dieselriot wrote

titan is nice and secure. Command-line only though, as far as I'm concerned.


MHC wrote

An offline paper book.