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xxi wrote

Something like slstatus maybe? Or do mean command-line in an actual terminal window? Do you have any particular reason as to why you' want that?


[deleted] wrote


xxi wrote (edited )

I'm not too smart. I just like to cause myself trouble. A hobby of mine, haha.

But I do pipe stuff to slstatus. E-mail notifications. Well... Indirectly. I use a small shell script to pipe output to a file that it turn gets used by slstatus. But you can pipe output of slstatus unto a command-line. I think there are facilities to do the thing you want to do.

Don't know anything about using powerline-shell. Seems like you might be able to do something similar though. But just taking a guess: if you can get hold of the information you want, you might be about to use the "segments" functionality for it?

Glanced at the python imports and I noticed that it use the 'shutils' library in places. I don't know how that relates to the rest of the code, but that enables might enable you to use shell commands somehow.

But as I said... I'm just making assumptions. I could be completely wrong, but the problem seems intriguing to me, haha. All this might not be helpful. Try to ask the developers about it.