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jaidedctrl wrote

I considered the BSDs-- and've been using OpenBSD/LibertyBSD exclusively for the past two years or so. (Also the default WM, fvwm2).

OpenBSD is so much simpler-- in every decision, process, you can actually understand what's going on. You don't need as much abstraction as with LiGNUx.
Packages are simply tarballs with some meta-data, which are made from a simple ports tree of make-files; a package repo is just one HTTP directory with tarballs and a file or two of metadata; the systems themselves can be compiled from scratch with incredible ease (documented in the man-pages, even!); installation of OpenBSD is incredibly straight-forward, quick, and still fairly powerful and flexible; services and daemons are started from (thank god) simple RC scripts...

I could probably go on ranting for a while...

Basically, BSDs are simpler and saner in design.