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Well, the title pretty much says it all.

Some elaboration: I've tried the "official" markdown utility. Another one is markdown_py which is a somewhat more polished version of the former.

One of thing I'm very familiar with is jekyll, but really I'd like something smaller. I just wanna throw out some HTML, not create a website. Most SSG:s tend to come with a bunch of dependencies, because... They're supposed to create static sites? Haha. So a utility, not a comprehensive program.



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Fossidarity wrote

Pandoc is another option for converting many formats to other formats, including md to html.


Fossidarity wrote

There is this for CommonMark:


xxi OP wrote

Got no experience with Go and I don't seem to have any environment to run it without installing that. Does seem like a neat too though.

I guess C, Python, Perl or sh programs are more in line with what I'm asking for. And well... Ruby I guess, since I got jekyll installed. But otherwise, anything written in a language that can be assumed to run a fresh Debian installation or something like that.