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xxi wrote (edited )

Racist? No doubt. Mentally ill? No doubt.

Hesitated to write this, but I can't blame a mentally ill person from being mentally ill. Doesn't mean I condone racism. I do think mentally ill people usually have some leeway when it comes to affecting their own behavior. How much needs to be decided on a case-for-case basis. TempleOS guy: batshit crazy.

Never hung around on reddit, but I think that some right-wingers saw him as this lovely "town drunk" who's words were crazy but true. Those people can fuck off.

However, that isn't the mentally ill person's fault, ,is it? I can't revel in the death of a disabled person like a petty person. Tbh, neither should you.

edit: wording.


zzuum wrote

Sure he probably had some condition, but that doesn't mean he's not racist. People are still responsible for the words that they say. Same reason why bipolar people are upset with Kanye, because he's just like "see it was the bipolar disorder!" Whereas other people who are bipolar are not claiming that slavery is a choice.