The story about free software and you - tell us

Submitted by lookin4 in LiGNUx

I am very interested about your story under what circumstances you had your first contact with free software, also when all this happened and maybe why are you still stick to it. Did your participation changed, are you now involved with areas inside computer science you weren't (probably not even imagined) in the beginning?

Here's mine:

I was involved with some of my fellow pupils in the project group which maintained the schools network, printers, servers etc. under oversight by the best teacher for computer-science I've ever met (Thanks for everything, Mr. S.!) by the age of about 12. The schools main server was build on top of RedHat, later changed to Debian. On a desktop it was SUSE with KDE which was the first GNU/Linux I experienced and later installed and used it on my private machine at home.

At least since 8th grade back in school I wanted to build a GNU/Linux From Scratch. The summer holidays seemed to be ideal for it, but I always found an excuse not to do it. Later I was forced to learn C++ which has demotivated me for a long time to learn any other script or programming language. So I found myself experimenting with web- and mail-servers, operated and customized the looks of free software like message boards, content-mangement-systems, groupware, wikis, self-hosted SaaS alternatives etc.

As I grew up I did some system administration for companies, but lost the passion to do projects for me and the community around. But since I never build myself a LFS until today, still need to look up correct options for tar and want to improve my knowledge in bash, python and so much more there is still a huge attraction coming with the whole free as in freedom-movement. I feel very happy about the existence of it.


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