typewriter.sh — turn your computer into a typewriter! coinsh.red

Submitted by jadedctrl in LiGNUx

I wrote this little shell script to turn PCs into type-writers.
Whenever you hit a key in your X session, a type-writer clack (type.ogg) will play.
You'll probably need to edit $AUDIOCMD and $AUDIOFLAGS for it to work with your player— by default, it's mpv.

If it doesn't work, then it's probably using the wrong device.

Replace the 6 in xinput test 6 with whatever device your keyboard is— you can figure that out by running xinput list then xinput test for each device. :)

This script is heavy as hell, and on my PC takes up 5% CPU, jajaja!

… shell is really bad for this sort of thing. :P


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