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GrimWillow wrote (edited )

hahaha, they got me sold on that name!!

EDIT: I just checked, and sadly....the 'anarchism' package is not that just a debian thing?


jadedctrl wrote (edited )

So, is Anarchy just Arch with an installer? Nice. I like Parabola/Arch, but installation is always so annoying and tedious. I wish it were like OBSD/LBSD, with a simple shell script that asks a couple questions and does its thing.

Someone who's used Anarchy: Is it a GUI installer, or a cli one?


josefStallman wrote (edited )

I believe so, yeah. I have yet to use anarchy, but I may spin it up in a VM to try it.

Update: I installed it in a VM. The installer is excellent. It's terminal-based but is very well polished and graphically solid. It's fast and full of useful options. I would like to see a linux-libre option in the kernel chooser and an option to install emacs in the text editors option.