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[deleted] wrote


josefStallman wrote

The article explains that putting money into the development was causing some problems with funding that they didn't want to deal with once the company goes public.


surreal wrote

maintenance burden and maybe they are trying to get rid of the 'not invented here' syndrome.


jadedctrl wrote

Why are we splitting up LiGNUx related material into different subforums for niches that don't really exist on raddle? /f/parabola, /f/ubuntu, etc. All this leads to are a ton of x-posts on /f/LiGNUx.


josefStallman wrote (edited )

Normally I'd agree, but there's a ton of specifically ubuntu related stuff that I imagine non-ubuntu users won't care about very much and would rather not be clogging up their front pages and taking away attention from things they do care about. I know for at least the time being, I'll x-post content until the more specialized forums have some followings, and then only post things that are generally interesting to most linux users.