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cute wrote

You kinda just asked this, unless you're asking specifically for criteria now.


isvarahparamahkrsnah OP wrote (edited )

Yes. Criteria.

For example. Here's my criteria for selecting a distro:

  1. Distro ISO size must not exceed 1.2Gb
  2. Distro must not include bloatware
  3. Distro must not include KDE, Plasma or Gnome as the default DE
  4. Distro must be light on resources
  5. Distro must be fast and smooth
  6. Distro must be privacy focused
  7. Distro DE must not be ugly
  8. Distro must have no installation problems, or WiFi/Bluetooth problems or any other issues
  9. Distro must be customizable
  10. Distro must not be sponsored by some corporation/government

Now, can anyone come up with something excluding what I just mentioned?

11. Distro must not originate from a country with terrible privacy/ mass surveillance history
12. Distro repos must include all the apps I'll need


cute wrote

Are you looking for a distro recommendation? I think Manjaro is the best choice for you, although not specifically privacy focused. For point 7, you could change how any DE looks yourself. For point 3, you could just uninstall gnome, or whatever. A lot of your points don't really matter unless you just want the distro to just work ootb.


lastfutures wrote

Easy to install.

No sound bugs (I've had trouble with this in the past).

Nice UI.



ordinaryDrain wrote

the biggest reason i stick with manajro/arch based distros is the repositories and community support. gotta love dat aur


infocom6502 wrote

I typically like to install an 'easy' to set up distro first (eg LMDE) and follow it up with a proper distro like devuan.