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whipskid wrote

If your HP Elitebook is your primary workstation and you have had trouble installing systems on it, I would suggest just keeping Mint on there as it is well supported and you're familiar with it. It should be stable and reliable.

You could install Gentoo in VirtualBox to experiment with that and use your shell scripts. That way once you can purchase your System76 you'll have some practice with however you plan to set it up.


kore wrote

i would highly recommend not trying to continually mess with your setup during school. ive tried and its not great. maybe take the first semester on mint to see what kinds of things you will need and then over a break set up gentoo.


surreal wrote

you can also try the preinstalled Pop_OS for a bit. they optimize it for thinkpads afaik and it's based on Ubuntu. But in the end you've got my respects if you eventually run Gentoo, keep in my mind that the compile times on some programs may take too long on laptops though.