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ziq OP wrote (edited )

I feel like people in this sub have been missing the main point of the post. I don't blame you cuz ziq is pretty hyperbolic but you can still see reasoning behind their statement. I'll rephrase the main point of the original post to make a little bit more digestible and easier to expand on: "Lesser evilism is a more passive form of white supremacist thinking because it acts as a rationalization for giving someone with intentions to do harm to BIPOC people political power thus making anyone who supports that person, no matter their intentions, complicit in expanding the powers of white supremacist institutions."

The facts laid out in the original post are to present the question of: "How is the death of people of color and violations of their rights by the hands of authoritarian racist institutions an acceptable form of evil?" The point to answering this is to reveal that the thought processes needed for "lesser evil" thinking are hinged on their being a baseline of violence and oppression that's "acceptable". It requires the person who supports a candidate under the premise of harm reduction steel theirselves in their actions and motivations with the belief that some form of

(Comment ended there, idk why)

I like these points but want to clarify one thing. The "hyperbole" is as important as everything else in the post. Posts like this aren't meant to inspire self-involved reddit settlers to change their ways and stop stumping for racist orgs that fill the streets with murderous pigs. I didn't write it for them.

It's for the people who are quietely watching the white Democrats panicked vitriolic reactions to my post and hopefully coming to the understanding that a system of structural oppression that grants privileges, power and the spoils of colonialism to these people is never going to produce real allies. That liberation will never result from party politics or other systems of hierarchy. That white middle class settlers have close to zero chance of ever giving up the power the system grants them and will throw poc under the bus with no hesitation and lash out at anyone who pokes holes in their altruistic leftist fantasy while parotting all the tropes this post calls out, doubling down in insisting Biden is protecting marginalized people from being murdered when the stats show the direct opposite.

The reactions of the reddit leftists as they betray their true loyalties is 80% of the message. Their cognitive dissonance IS the point. This is lesser-evilism in a nutshell.