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It was just in a passing conversation but I'll try to reproduce it minimally and akwardly here. Regarding the whole lithium thing, Bolivia is supposed to be one of three countries (along with Argentina and Chile) in that area that produce a lot of lithium (they're called the lithium triangle), and Bolivia's lithium is actually not very economical to produce because it's mixed in with a bunch of other shit, while the other two places have relatively easily produced Lithium. So actually it's not a very convincing reason for the coup.

However, blaming this whole thing on lithium undermines the fact that people were actually really unhappy with Evo even on the left. Evo's authoritarian leftism fucked up anti-authoritarian forms autonomy-building and resistance-building, basically paving way for a right-wing uprising that couldn't be stopped by a weakened left (I say "left" for lack of a better word). I've been told that anarchists out there have been pointing to Evo's being shit and his policies undermining autonomy for ages, how this is pretty much what they were expecting would happen.

Even that graph going around showing the rise in Tesla stocks that week had an interesting alternate explanation. If I remember it I'll post it in the comments.

If anybody's heard or read anything like this I'd be interested to hear more.



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mofongo wrote

I posted an article (in spanish) about this, here. In short (and english), your friend's perception of Morales' government is correct. The extended political time and his politics, for example despite being indigenous, his government body was predominantly 'white' (techinally mix-raced, the article calls them white-mestizo), did very little for the indigenous people specially those not part of his ethnicity, and appropriated indigenous history and culture, an visible example of this is that MAS' flag is the same flag as the Alpine Community, but with the party's logo on it. At a distance, indigenous people protesting the government using their traditional flag, could be seen as supportive of the government. I heard a story that a several pro-camacho indigenous people waiving this flag were attacked by Camacho supporters thinking they were supporting MAS. It also turned into a racist attack.


An_Old_Big_Tree OP wrote

Cool, thanks for this. It's quite striking to me how even the everyday stuff that comes through the site, which is generally supposed to be quite critical, has managed to reproduce this idea that the coup was mostly just about green capitalism's greed for lithium rather than a failure of representational forms of left politics.


ziq wrote

It was inevitable that his refusal to give up power would result in this. The merry go round of leftist and rightist power machinations is so fucking tired. When are people going to realize anyone you appoint to rule you is going to put themselves and their accumulation of wealth before everything that interferes with their self-interest.

I swear, if we just stopped pretending humans can be these virtuous servants of the common good and saw ourselves as we really are - inherently selfish narcissistic fucksticks who are completely incapable of seeing our own flaws, then we could finally stop crowning rulers and waiting for them to destroy everything they touch in service of their ego.

All humans are petulant children throwing a lifelong tantrum. Not one of us can handle power. Lord of the Flies got it right. The more power someone gets, the more harm they'll do. Evo did a lot of harm to rainforest people to cement his power, enriching his power-base of rural workers at their expense, and now his replacement will harm the rainforest people and the rural workers to cement her power, enriching her power-base of city-dwellers. And the merry go round continues to spin as more and more is taken from those who don't play the game of resource extraction and ecocidonomics.


An_Old_Big_Tree OP wrote (edited )


Google doc with general critical stuff on the situation in Bolivia:



An_Old_Big_Tree OP wrote (edited )

Stuff on the lithium myth here, exploring how "the breathless headlines implying a cause-and-effect relationship between the deal's cancellation and Evo's ouster" are missing some important context, and that "Lithium may be a piece of the overall scenario in Bolivia, but nothing suggests it was the central one".