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cumfaucet wrote

I pass by this statue every time while commuting to work. I've always desired for the day it would burn to the ground.

Fuck settler scum, they do not deserve a single shit after all the grief they've wrought onto us for generations to come.


kinshavo OP wrote

I was reading some reactions from Left wing parties and most of them are saying reactionary stuff about this action. Not that I expect something different, but even the most FarLeft are saying this is an action by "identitarians" lol


cumfaucet wrote (edited )

Honestly mate most far-left «communist» parties here are so far up their fucking arses that they can no longer dorm a worthy opinion. From saying that the black bloc actions of three weeks ago were false flags by the far-right [trust me, it was not, I was there] to branding anarchists as counterrevolutionary, most they say is a disservice to the Brazilian revolutionary left.