Want to learn spanish, my first language is german

Submitted by lookin4 in LanguageBuddies

My first language is German and I want to learn Spanish.

To learn from one another, we could talk about nearly everything (I guess). I am very curious for any suggestions on topics.

If something language-specific needs to be explained while our level isn't yet high enough, I would like to suggest to communicate in English. Why?

  • we'll should find many resources online helping us out to explain
  • I learned some English back in school, maybe you did, too?
  • understanding written texts was essential part of my former job
  • I am hanging out in the web quite often, so I hope most parts of my posts are understandable
  • also -most importantly- its the only other language I speak and write


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mofongo wrote

I have no experience teaching, but if you have any doubts about anything I can help.


MrPotatoeHead wrote

If you live near Spanish speaking neighborhoods, just hanging out and interacting is a great way to pick up some conversational Spanish. If you have a smartphone, consider installing Microsoft Translator. It's surprisingly good at translating quickly. That would help you communicate that you want to learn Spanish through immersion.


lookin4 wrote

Thank you, but I do not own a smartphone and there is also no such neighborhood within reach that I know of. But maybe there will be someone, if I attend one of the "I am new in this city"-events. All I need is way to overcome my shyness.