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Cis boy sent you an unsolicited Tinder message with a tinylink to pics of a dick wearing a rainbow condom? And you actually clicked on this??

Cis girl sent you an OKC chat listing all the reasons you're a shitty, worthless person for not making an instagram to communicate with them? And you apologized??

Yes my galpals, dating sucks. It's 2019, and it can get a bit lonely searching for that special someone(s). But hey-- while we trudge through the waters of Singledom, why not share the laughs, cry on each others' shoulders, and spread our memes?

LBIAQ+ solidarity: all trans femmes are welcome here! (the name is ironic, in reference to our not getting laid in these specific situations-- it is not meant to communicate erasure of asexual/graysexual identities, of course)



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