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cretin OP wrote (edited )

English info:

HBDH-KBDH (Peoples' United Revolutionary Movement-Womens' United Revolutionary Movement) announced on 10 October that it carried out sabotage actions against three separate transformers in the city of Amed, in North Kurdistan. Turkey considers the city of Amed to be Turkish and call it Diyarbakir, and claim it as part of southeast Turkey.

HBDH-KBDH never reveal the methods they use to carry out their attacks, but it would seem these attacks would have been carried out with improvised incendiary devices.

HBDH-KBDH is an alliance of around 10 different Kurdish and Turkish militant leftist groups who support the Kurdish struggle. Groups involved include the PKK, MLKP, DKP and other mostly hardline communist guerrilla groups. They were formed in 2016, and the aim of the alliance is to overthrow the Erdogan regime in Turkey.

These latest attacks were carried out calling for the release of PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan and in memory of the victims of the October 10, 2015 Ankara Massacre in Turkey - which was a suspected ISIS suicide bomb attack against a "Labour, Peace and Democracy" rally organized by leftist trade unions. 109 people were killed. It is the deadliest terrorist attack in modern Turkish history. HBDH-KBDH and many other leftist groups in Kurdistan and Turkey believe that the Turkish state played a role in the massacre. No organization ever claimed responsibility for the attack, and no group or individuals have ever been held accountable for it.

Excerpt from the claim of responsibility by HBDH-KBDH: "Colonialism with an international conspiracy: on October 9, it tried to destroy and darken the future of the Kurdish people via the trial of Abdullah Öcalan. This process, which turned into severe torture and isolation conditions under AKP-MHP fascism, both increased its attacks on the Kurdish people's Leader and expanded its murderous policies towards the working people of Turkey. This conspiracy process which is now in its 23rd year and AKP-MHP fascism has turned into a state of terror on the backs of our peoples. It is this fascist government that has partnered with ISIS and organized many massacres, especially the October 10 Massacre, and the fascist Erdogan is personally responsible.

Today, the barbarian ISIS gangs, partners of this fascist power, have been defeated by revolutionary and patriotic forces. AKP-MHP fascism will likewise be defeated in the face of united revolutionary forces. Our every action accelerates the collapse of AKP-MHP fascism and leads fascism to its inevitable end.

As the HBDH and KBDH Kurdistan Militia, we repeat that with these actions, we will win both the freedom of Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan and hold those responsible for the October 10 Ankara Massacre to account.

We Will Destroy Fascism, We Will Win Freedom! Forward, Further!”


lori wrote

This has been happening for years - the Turkish government removes Kurdish mayors and politicians and replaces them with Turkish ones regularly. I don't see why they even try electoralism any more to be honest.