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harry potter is an extremely lib series. the superpower of the protagonist, like bruce wayne, is being born into wealth. His trademark quality is arrogance and waltzing through ridiculous situations on account of his birth. All the characters go to private school. The plot and character development is overall pretty bad, by the standards of adult fiction. And the fans. My god the fans.

But why this TERF bullshit isn't surprising is the shitty way that JK Rowling has portrayed even cis women in that Harry Potter series. Her work was widely criticized for her weak ass female characters. So it is unsurprising that more misogynist crap is coming out, particularly TERF stuff because it is a way of psychologically overcompensating for the really terrible gender politics of her body of work, which were offensive even to cis women.


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From a comment:

Have you considered the possibility that such a widely respected, intelligent, and experienced individual might actually be the one correct here?
I find your criticisms sloppy and flawed. It is immediately apparent that you have completely misinterpreted his statement.

This is an understandable feeling— whenever rms says something creepy, it has two interpretations: the logical, normal one (that he's being a fucking creep), and the mental gymnastics one that no rational human being would take (that he's technically close to right, if you squint your eyes).

If you idolize RMS, it's so tempting to reach toward the good-faith interpretation, no matter the gymnastics required. I used to take the latter interpretation, trying to find some good-faith way of reading his crazy shit. So I kinda get where this guy's coming from.

Like his comment on pedophilia: “It's not inherently bad, as long as there's consent.” I used to read that as, say, a 17 year-old and an 18 year-old, or 15/17, things like that. Most people'd agree that's not bad. There's the good-faith interpretation, that stretches what he says to make it seem “not so bad.” I see nerds doing that a lot. I used to do that.

But the thing is, he always says what he means. The good-faith interpretations are just wrong because they're reading too deep into what he says.

This is a case of a blunt, rude, sexist man being upfront and clear about himself: “I'm a creep.”

I've kind of been in that weird LiGNUx-community state of idolizing of RMS in the past, and I'll admit I'm just now stopping caring about him. Why do GNU nerds care so damn much about this man? He did some things that were, historically, significant 30+ years ago. Now he just defends pedophilia.

Another one's Eric S. Raymond. He did things back when, but he's a racist. Who cares about him? No-one should.

TL;DR I'm killing my old idols rn, fuck idolization have a great day