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Sometimes it's unnerving to realize how much cultural unschooling we've undergone as radicals. I grew up raised only by and predominantly surrounded by women in the mid west US were sexism and misogyny was/is prevalent. As young as 8 years old I noticed the effects of this on my mother, aunts, sister, as well as their friends. The toxic masculinity that perpetuated was alienating to me.

I re-read "the abolition of work" today as I haven't read it since I was probably 16. What bothers me is I didn't pick up on some this back then yet it's blatantly obvious and not between the lines. What was once inspirational now makes me feel like I was duped by a charlatan.

I just wanna say cheers to us for developing analytical and critical thinking skills after 'schooling.' cheers to us for being constant works in progress. A new and better world is only as possible as those that exist within it that rally for all us to be better at being us.


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Cheeks wrote

What rock have I been living under?

Black's Abolition of Work was my first introduction to antiwork ideas, though I now, at 41 y/o find it a bit trite and simple, at 15 it was eye opening and inspiring. Shame that he turned out to be a traitor piece of shit.


Tequila_Wolf OP wrote

I'll guess that it's not being aware of it. It's not all the time, but I'm consistently hearing about terrible shit coming out of lefty spaces.

Biggest older ones I can think of is that south african anarchist that Alexander Reid Ross did the huge exposé on in 2015 (found it), and Raya Sarkar's list of sexual predators in Indian academia in 2017. There are some intense marxist bro academics who are hardcore predators.

I think we hear a bit more about it around here because we try to have a Kill Your Idols approach, and because ziq's had so terrible an experience of tankies that ziq makes sure we know how shit they are :)