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existential1 wrote

This was a very strong sentiment at the time. Malcolm X was also a strong proponent of non-mixing until he went to Mecca.

As vitriolic as the idea is, I do understand it. It is the direct result of centuries of oppression and exploitation. Muhammad Ali was a radical proponent of self-love and particularly in regards to the importance of black self-love. There's a reason around this time James Brown created the earworm, "I'm black and I'm proud." When you've been considered property for hundreds of years, then a questionable human for another hundred or so at the time of this recorded, I can understand why the appropriation of segregration can seem like a good idea. The sentiment of, "They need us, but we don't need them. We know they need us because we built this mf country, and they'd be dead w/out us. But we don't need them, never did."

That sort of logic makes a lot of sense given the historical context it came out of. It's wrong, and dehumanizing, but that doesn't make it illogical given who's saying, when they were saying it, and why they were saying it.

In light of that context, I think it's quite different from a lot of stuff in this forum. But alas, there isn't really a forum for terrible shit oppressed people have to convince themselves of to deal with their realities.


conseil wrote

Chief, that's a straight up Nazi Youtube channel, by the way.