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ziq wrote

The artists, in Lee’s retelling, were fantastic and visionary, but secondary to his own vision. According to Kirby and Ditko, that’s hogwash. Ditko has retreated into a hermetic existence in midtown Manhattan, where he types up self-promoting mail-order pamphlets claiming Lee had only the most threadbare initial ideas for Spider-Man, and that Ditko is the one who fleshed the iconic character out into what he is today, then came up with most of the plot beats in any given story. Kirby, from the time he left Marvel in 1970 until his death in 1994, swore up and down that Lee was a fraud on an even larger scale: Kirby said he himself was the one who had all the ideas for the Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, and the rest, and that Lee was outright lying about having anything to do with them. What’s more, he said Lee was little more than a copy boy, filling in dialogue bubbles after Kirby had done the lion’s share of the conceptual and writing work for any given issue.

“Stan Lee and I never collaborated on anything,” Kirby told an interviewer in 1989. “It wasn’t possible for a man like Stan Lee to come up with new things — or old things, for that matter. Stan Lee wasn’t a guy that read or that told stories.”

Just another shameless capitalist living off of the worker's sweat.


________deleted wrote

Damn, I had no idea.

I wonder if Ditko got any money from all those spidey movies? Stan Lee is always listed as a producer, but never the others.


Dumai wrote

it's been well-known in the comic book fandom for ages that stan lee is a con-man, i kind of naturally assumed everyone knew by now


Freux wrote (edited )

There is this short documentary by Jonathan Ross that I like: In Search Of Steve Ditko featuring Alan Moore and others. Steve Ditko was a prick in his own way but so is Stan Lee.


ziq wrote (edited )

Kirby is my guy. And Darwyn Cooke.