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asterism wrote

Who wants to be a waiter?


kinshavo OP wrote

What a wisdom..

Waiting a whole wake wandering in a whack world while wishing to be a waiter is a waste!


asterism wrote (edited )

Well we whince watching women, weirdos, and whomever wearily wishing to waiter

whilst we wimpily wish well with worrisome well wishes whatever worker will be wrought.

as for we?

well we wishes well to be a wily and wild witch wrenched wide of worlds of work.


kinshavo OP wrote

/u/Lettuce if you liked masturbating™ you will enjoy masturbatig2.0™


Lettuce wrote (edited )

I wanted to tattoo a cool anti cop sigil on my body. And after I did it (I use the razor blade and ink rub method) my body felt all hot and my leg hurt. I think there is a magician defending cops and I stepped on a magical landmine with that sigil.

Be careful out there.

Edit: this is the best magik test I've read yet tho. Thx for the rec. Tho damn they rlly do have that @aol email


Fool wrote

@aol email

They didn't ask for the cds in the mail, but they're going to treasure them.