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A local nonbinary person was sitting at their computer Wednesday morning, having their first cup of coffee for the day while scrolling through their Reddit messages. They'd participated in a thread the day before about transphobic remarks made by a local politician and had tried to explain to other area residents why the things said by this elected official were dangerous.

"I thought the conversations were going well," they said in an interview with this reporter. "I was just informing people that the idea of the gender/sex binary isn't as simple as we get taught in grade school. I brought up the long history of people living and being accepted as part of their cultures while expressing a variety of different gender classifications."

Then it happened.

"Answer me this, is their quality of life here better than in places like south america, asia, the middle east, or africa?"

"I was shocked when I saw that, you know? Like I haven't been asked a question like that since my mom tried to get me to eat some broccoli that'd been boiled to death and back at the dinner table when I was a kid and told me to eat it because of starving children in Africa! I'd mentioned the rates of violence against trans people, their increased risk for self harm, the numbers of homeless trans youth so I was really surprised when this person came back and asked me about the quality of life of trans people in other countries. I don't understand? The trans people in this country don't live in other countries."

We reached out to the Reddit user who posted that comment for an interview but did not hear a response in time for publication.

This is a breaking story and will be updated with more information as it becomes available.



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fortmis wrote (edited )

Scientists studying this phenomenon have recently begun referring to it as the "spin and drive" strategy, borrowing the term from basketball. When people employ the "spin and drive" in a conversation it often involves comparing the conflict to a worse one and then "slam dunking" their point as if the conversation can't be carried any further. It should be noted that the "spin" element of the argument is usually fake as hell as the person often doesn't actually care about the scapegoat issue.