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Dear God what is life? I only live so I can continue to beat up and kill a bunch of living things I like. My days are just a constant meetgrinder of compassion and empathy and raising countless generations of animals, pruning over their injuries and nursing them back to health when sick, my life is to care and nuture these things while at the same time beating the being arm of control.

Carrot and stick manipulation. Crushing their will, hopes and dreams and joy from my borderline children. And any attempts of the more independently minded who seek something better or nicer are crushed by any means necessary. Up into including torture to save a couple dollars. The horrors I have enacted and will ennact in the future are some of the most wretched things immanginable. There must be some meaning or purpose. Why do I do this? Maybe I should look and see why.

Lettuceleafer listened to random people for like 15 seconds.

Average member of public: IM NOT EATING RABBIT FOOD, I like hamburgers.

Oh that's why..... Dear god



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lettuceLeafer OP wrote

Oh I forgot the best one. Liberals when they coming about how they are oppressed by me bc I offer it for sale or whatever.

Oh I do hope for animal agriculture to be abolished so I can stop eating meat. Those dang poor people I keep paying to do my bidding sure are horrible