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So I have been writing and thinking a lot lately on how to easily describe my goals in life without writing a ton and looking deranged. I have had several attempts all extremely long and not that great at explaining it. So I was thinking I wanna be very skilled at a lot of stuff and be incredibly apt at doing stuff so I can resist authority and pull off even more elaborate schemes until I accomplish my goals. I wanna live in a hidden place but be able to move and live somewhere else if the government finds me. Have like a secret base where I build stuff for my schemes. While I live most of my life hidden and seemingly normal so people don't pay attention to me. But sometimes when I want to be noticed I make a big show of it just like my personal hero bell delphine (okay that is a slight overstatement) and be noticed so my schemes can be even bigger. Boy did I mention I hate society. Also boy its super fun to make plots to lead to my opponents loosing such as politicians and police. I wanna be like a super tough green beret but like on the other side.

So I kept thinking and I tried to think of fictional characters that strongly had affinity for while these are figures who have many things I don't like it just means I have several things I really like and not saying they are someone I would overall like or want to be. So I listed off some figures, rick sanchez, joker, artamis fowl, smaug(okay just because he sleeps on a massive hoard of gold), mugen from shamurai shamploo and eliot from mr robot. I started looking them up and low and behold I ended up on the villian wiki. Then it hit me my politics are about trying to become a super villain how obvious.

All that time spent writing and I could have just said super villain. lol



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lettuceLeafer OP wrote

also I have been thinking about this toot on mastadon for a while. Someone was talking about how a lot of post left anarchists almost always identify with the villain of the story and thinking about the philosophy of non democratic anarchism isn't anarchism inherently a villainous ideology. Its a idea where you are inherently against the status quo, society and the people who in stories are often portrayed as the heros.

I'm inventing the anarchy test. I will imagine a post left punk kid in a fictional story and lets see how often the punk would support the protaganists. In star wars would a post left punk like the jedi or the republic. no. Would punks like batman or cops, no. Would punks like superman, no. Would punks like indiana jones, no. James bond, no. Robin hood, yes. We got one ladies and f@gs. Spartucus and the spartans in 300, no. Literally any protaganist is a detective story, no. So no wonder anarchists identify with villains bc they are diametrically opposed to most protagonists plights.

Actually a villain test is a pretty good way to divy up anarchism I like and anarchism I don't like. Would a character with X anarchist politics be considered a good person by the audience? If yes I prob think that anarchism is sucky.

Considering anarchism is opposed to society and in conflict with who most people view as heroes and the populace as a whole i would say anarchism is a villainous ideology at least the anarchist ideas that I like. So many fucking anarchist are either actually anti social, violent, criminal, extremely queer or mentally disturbed who seek to bring chaos to the world. Which are all classic villains tropes. No wonder I like villains so much lol.


Exlurker wrote

Be careful, lots of people will try to force you into the dichomy that you have to choose either Indiana Jones or the Nazis.


sadie_killer wrote

since this is in jokes i was expecting you to end up in a costume being unmasked by some meddling kids and a dog