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asterism OP wrote (edited )

I "picked it up" over at libgen. I was able to find the first five volumes of "The Real Book" (mostly at libgen and somewhere else but can't remember where) and all three volumes of the better "The New Real Book" there too. Which are nice if you aim to learn any Jazz standards. (Though those were the versions for C instruments so I don't know if the Eb and Bb versions are there)


Syzygy wrote

Gonna make a note to pick this up. I played sax from elementary through high school and was in jazz band those four HS years. I never bothered to learn changes or anything like that because I was too enamored by the idea of just going hogwild on my horn when I had solos. Been looking into playing again, but it's been years so I've gotta get my chops back before I start trying to find others to play with and actually knowing how to play jazz will probably be helpful at this point lol.


evilsjw wrote

Sounds really good! Only thing I know about her is that she played with Keb Mo at some point, which is quite impressive. Any suggestions on songs or better yet albums in order to get into her discography?