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celebratedrecluse wrote

Just want to mention that I called this 5 months ago lol

That said, I think this is really going to change in the next 10 years though, because of the widespread and non-transparent proliferation of these privatized facial recognition and gait recognition software companies contracting with local PD, private companies, and a whole other bunch of shady shit that is transforming capitalist countries into places where what used to be considered petty crime is treated as this existential threat to the system, and a military response (where this technology, plus all the weapons the polices have, came from) is considered appropriate or even necessary.

This is now a total tangent from what we were talking about, but I think it's very relevant to the sub as a whole. These changes...It's a long time coming and the dial is running out on the current grifts that people have been using, so the only way I see illegalist praxis like lifting working in the future neo-feudalism that's being implemented is through coordinated activity, where disciplined groups work to protect each other and subvert these systems of control. For example, the use of lasers to disrupt surveillance devices, in coordination with distractions (disruptive behavior on the other side of the store), and a few people lifting quietly and efficiently during the chaos.