List of Italian Anarchist media

Submitted by Tequila_Wolf in Italy

Please add more if you come across any. Thanks to u/insurrectobot of anarchistsworldwide for the start.

Insuscettible Di Ravvedimento - currently one of the most active Italian blogs - posts are often in Italian, French & English. major focus on the many anarchists who are currently incarcerated by the Italian state, but also direct action, international news etc.

Round Robin - direct action, prisoner updates, international news - check side column on the left hand side for latest posts.

Croce Nera Anarchica / Anarchist Black Cross Italy - prisoner updates, direct action, international news - also publishes a semi-regular zine that is available in pdf that is really good - in Italian though.

Finimondo - anarchist analysis, essays. texts etc. also has English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German and Croatian language sections.

Inferno Urbana - direct action, anarchist news, analysis, prisoner updates, international news, translations, pdf library.

Negazine - this is actually a zine that's been made available in English as a pdf, worth checking out if you are into the writings of alfredo bonanno as it contains a lot of his recent thoughts, reflections etc as well as the work of some of his comrades.



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