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LostYonder wrote

While your general argument is worthy, your construction of "moderate" (i.e. "good" Muslims) and "extremist" (i.e. "bad" Muslims - Wahhabis) is extremely problematic and simplistic.

First, read Mahmood Mamdani's "Good Muslim, Bad Muslim" where he exposes what he calls "culture talk" about Islam and Muslims.

Second, by implying that Wahhabi ideology is behind all Islamic terrorist activity is pretty far out there for someone on a radical, anarchist board. Are you implying that the sole driving force of violence is the ideological beliefs of the perpetrators? That history, economies, and global geo-politics has nothing to do with it? That individuals are not drawn to particular extremist ideologies in light of prevailing social conditions and underlying structures of power?

Why do we constantly reduce Muslims to behave solely by their interpretation of Islam and not see them as individuals, as social beings, as political actors? Do they not have any agency beyond just being Muslim (whether "good" or "bad" Muslims)???