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katalepsis wrote

Interestingly, following that link down a bit of a rabbit hole, there was an ancient Indian philosophical school which was predominant across the region that also held to similar principles, but in an atheistic way:

While life is yours, live joyously;

None can escape Death's searching eye:

When once this frame of ours they burn,

How shall it e'er again return?


asterism wrote (edited )

I remember reading this, this has been posted to Raddle before.

Another unusual Aghori belief is that they attribute spiritual and physical benefits, such as the prevention of aging, to the consumption of human flesh. While they claim to eat only those who have voluntarily granted their body to the sect upon their death

Glad someone gets it.


loukanikos wrote

Things have gotten really bad in Uttar Pradesh. The leader of the state is more extreme than the current hardline leader of the right wing. I have heard first hand accounts of really serious vigilanteism committed by far right youth groups. The whole situation is trending towards openly fascist state policy.

The current leader of India, Modi, is quite a facsist but largely in an opportunistic format. He is a con artist. However Yogi Adityanath, the leader in UP, is a dogmatic idealogue who makes the rest of the right wing party look like the cartoons of fat pig capitalists. If Yogi continues to rise in stature, India's right wing could be perhaps the largest Fascist threat the world has ever seen.