Submitted by forsakenagent in India

But while this bloodsport unfolds, front-benches of western media keep giving Hinduphobic columnists’ space to peddle false narratives. A recent, incredulous headline read: Is India headed for an anti-Muslim genocide?

The trigger of the entire article predicting a “genocide” is the killing of one Muslim man in police firing on violent protesters in Assam. And of course, several one-sided conjectures.

“'Hindu khatre mein hain' (Hindus are in danger) is a right-wing refrain that resonates deeply today,” the article says. “As a result, many Hindus have now been persuaded to believe that India’s biggest problem is its Muslims. Before Modi took over in 2014, most citizens thought their chief concerns were poverty, insufficient economic growth and corruption.”

No prominent Hindutva leader has uttered the words “Hindu khatre mein hain”. The exact words have, however, been repeatedly used by Islamists who presided over India’s bloody Partition and even later. The writer fails to mention that “Islam khatre mein hain” or “Islam is in danger” has been the rallying call for jihadis down the decades.



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