My 19th birthday

Submitted by Copenhagen_Bram in InCels

It was on a bright Sunday morning just a week ago (17th), that I eagerly woke up, anticipating my new computer. The anticipation was slightly tainted by the threat of losing it if I didn't do the dishes, but I was still excited. I was also quite curious about the mysterious "Happy Birthday!" bag in the corner of the room.

My mom let me open the computer first. It was a Thinkpad T400 with Trisquel and Libreboot already installed. It had a screenreader activated on startup, and I managed to turn it off with some difficulty. Trisquel is very easy to use, I hope they release Trisquel 8 soon.

After checking out Trisquel a bit, I began to install Parabola on it. But that took a few days, and the first part of it was mainly running gparted live and pondering how I should partition my drive.

I also got to open the mysterious bag. It was filled with candy, all chocolate. It took a few days to finish it. I should've saved some for Halloween.

My dad also sent me a very nice magnetic chess set, and my sister sent me a $50 Amazon gift card.

I'm 19 now. Another percentage of my life, gone. I hope I use this one well.


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