Bans in /f/Illegalism

Username Reason Banned Expires
PrivateArcherAnthony spam Never
ladiablita ableist slur
alphaxxl Spam Never
easgatesecurity spam Never
patatdi09 racist piece of shit Never
shrug wants to steal from working class. Never
WhyHim Titan alt Never
Gerry Ban evasion Never
BabyfaceCriminal titan Never
2in1jammer spammer Never
pedoErisian targeted harassment of individual user through a burner account, transphobia Never
StealyWheelieAutomobeely ban evasion Never
BryceWalker loser troll Never
celebratenothing troll, wants to start drama Never
ciltob ban evasion. formerly u/SergeiBoryenko Never
rip_uthief ban evasion Never
hydrasammy spam Never
arewehavingfunyet Bootlicking and moralizing Never
MhikeiMPC Bootlicking Never
!deleted13765 Class traitor (Rule 4) Never
xlrphonie Rule 4. Class traitor fuckheads not welcome. Never
BoKnows troll Never
OverHere Racist and homophobic slurs, troll Never
DamnScalper history of behavior. misogyny, ableism Never
Meow69 weird troll Never