Bans in /f/Illegalism

Username Reason Banned Expires
KFC_watermelon racist troll Never
simianthrope Violation of ToS Never
Person troll Never
snakez homophobe and transphobe Never
GregBjorn SEO spam Never
loliglazer Classism, bootlicking, violation of Raddle ToS and forum rules. This is a forum for illegalist praxis discussion, not violence against the unhoused. Never
santaplug spam Never
!deleted21683 titan Never
chris60 spam Never
BoatyMcBoatFace suicide goading, transphobia Never
storm_clouds homophobia Never
Brockhampton9830 sexualizing minors Never
rain11221 spam Never
andrellalops spam Never
real247 spam Never
powerbankjammer spam Never
librehash soliciting services. this is the clearnet... Never
Tabernathy bootlicker Never
lifter463 Transphobia Never
contractor Spam Never
Lifter1 titan Never
avoiceinthewilderness moralizing jesus spam against shoplifting Never
Serbian making fun of homeless people Never
Banhammer40k titan Never
PrivateArcherAnthony spam Never