Bans in /f/Illegalism

Username Reason Banned Expires
MhikeiMPC Bootlicking Never
!deleted13765 Class traitor (Rule 4) Never
xlrphonie Rule 4. Class traitor fuckheads not welcome. Never
BoKnows troll Never
OverHere Racist and homophobic slurs, troll Never
DamnScalper history of behavior. misogyny, ableism Never
Meow69 weird troll Never
ImpregnableResolve Admitted unrepentant ban evasion Never
jewishtransdude fash troll Never
FATNIGGER troll Never
niggerkike1212 troll Never
ShopliftersHorrible Bootlick Never
Qobsxidn ableism Never
Qwerteee obvious troll Never
8Xql7dsuS9w4Kcn87xIC Trolling, slurs Never
shoplifterswillgotogell moraliser Never
stolelotshaha S Never
sorry_lol Spm Never
heybandititsalex S Never
cockdestroyer Spm Never
crystalisation S Never
angelcake33 R Never
niggabanditnumber2 T Never
niggabandit R Never