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I have had this question asked twice now at checkout of a big chain organic grocery store. While lifting items in blind spots through purse.

Am I just paranoid, or do they know? When I answer "Yes, that is all." and pay for what I am actually buying they just let me go and wish me a good day.

Lifting fairly high $ amounts as well, no need for case-building, or is there?



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Almonds wrote

If they say specifically “you are purchasing today” that is totally sus imo :/. Without it, totally normal..


ItWasMe wrote

I second this. The most common response not indicating any suspense is, “is that all for today” or something along those lines. The purchasing makes it sound like you have something you aren’t paying for, and they know. Case building is very subjective to store and company so without that info it’s hard to know if they’re case building, but I’d go with no. There’s a decent chance they’d recognize if you go back too soon.


rexmanningday wrote

I take frequent breaks from my "big chain organic grocery store". I also switch things up and go buy like $200 worth of groceries and then like two slices of pizza the next day. but if I got a purse full of hydroflasks lol IM OUT.


CelestialBeing wrote

I'd stay away for a while. better to be safe then sorry


dontneeditjustwantit wrote

This happened to me before when I was boosting. I went to the car and back and made a small purchase at the same cashier. She asked me the same question. I was just paranoid.


QueenMab wrote

I've been trained to say "Is that everything today?," To every customer, and I always assumed it was to get the customer to ask about more items. Never occured to me it was a shoplifting deterrent.


YourRebelSugarBaby wrote (edited )

"Is that all youre getting today?" "Find everything you needed today?" "Is that all for today?"

Either the cashier is new or sus. Either way it's an odd choice and it sticks out. Like saying "To whom am I speaking to?" instead of "Who's speaking?" when on the phone. Sure, it's proper English, but no one colloquially speaks proper English, even the most educated people, unless they're actively thinking about (and carefully crafting) what they say.

To be safe, don't go again for about 3-6 months at least.