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PlannedCanada wrote

Stick to the big markets to avoid getting scammed. I'd even avoid storing large sums on markets for more than a brief period, seeing as they close with everybody's money occasionally. There's no consequences on the deep web, so not trusting anyone or anything completely is ideal.

Monero is about the best crypto to use for anonymity. For best results keep a balance in Monero at all times (don't spend it all), and pass your funds from address to address for a month or two before spending. Of course, you should do everything over Tor following best practices.

Forum pickings are pretty slim, as of last time I checked. You'll have better luck in places like this. Honestly the deep net is like a smaller, shittier version of the internet for the most part, with lots of useless pages people made just for fun. I've heard it compared to the early internet and that adds up.


f064fb5ddb9041bc8a4cb0024 wrote

I have a friend who bought some drugs through the Silk Road back in the day and the government got his packet. I wouldn't recommend buying through there since you prolly can get everything on the streets more anonymously.


SheLifts wrote

Use tor. Get on empire they sell fake money. Just be careful and read reviews like it’s your job