Has anyone 'tailored' a coat or jacket to help lift?

Submitted by Psilift in Illegalism

Swim has a jacket they use for kleptoactivism. It's a good brand with strong seams, lines and pockets.

The one drawback is that none of the pockets can completely hide bottles of roughly champagne/prosecco size. This is a problem considering 'tis the season!

Stuffing down the arm is possible as it's a little baggy but would be noticeable if someone were looking.

Swim is considering installing a 'long pocket' down the inside just back from the breast - along to obliques.

Has anyone done this or anything similar? And would it be considered as 'going equipped'



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ItWasMe wrote

Is swim a brand? I would like a link to this jacket if you can provide one.


CelestialBeing wrote

i have a large jacket that has an inside lining. i cut a slit in the back part between my back and the jacket and put a velcro strip so i could open and close it. works great. i don't know if i explained that very well. sorry.