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Lifted_Hickory wrote

So 2 orders of $80 total is your account history? I have a 15 year old account with thousands spent and I nearly managed $1200 worth of product in the last couple years. They record serials now and enter them in a theft database. Not to mention that MacBook will be a signature required item.


kratos1987 OP wrote

Yeah I know it's not much in terms of order history. What would you say is the most expensive thing I could order and get away with then? Do you think I could get away with a $1,100 camera?


youbuyingweselling wrote

tbh at this point of the game this method is pretty much burnt. you could do it but they will require a police report for sure.


anthrax101 wrote

I know someone who has reported a missing package and actually filed the police report. 48 hours later Amazon reshipped another Macbook to their house with "ID verification and signature" which he signed for and showed UPS his driver's license. He ended up selling the second Macbook for $100 less than what he paid for it and ended up with a free laptop courtesy of Amazon.


Almonds wrote

I saw a post on reddit saying $1000 max. But you only have two puny purchases, it’s so sus. I don’t think you could get anything..