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Whenever I go shopping, even if I'm not lifting anything major, I always walk out with something I didn't pay for, I'll literally hold it in my hand along with my phone and walk out with it (usually something small but expensive), it's even easier if I'm just there with friends because they'll cash out and I'll walk through the register lane with them and right out the store.

My favorites are 4 packs of Duracell rechargeable batteries(19.99) and 4 packs of Burt's bees Chap stick(14.99)



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HelpMeSteal wrote

If nothing, a few of those $4 LEGO collectible minifigures.


6c_6f_76_65 wrote

OTC medication. I give out sinus and pain meds everywhere I can.


extremecouponing wrote

Bolillos from w@lmărť, usually just nibble as I do whatever else I gotta do


MrGanktastic wrote

Hot Wheels.
Dad, why do you have like 500 Hot Wheels? Because, sweet child, they are Free.99.


autumnlover wrote

Makeup and personal care items. Any time I can I get myself a new mascara, eye liner, lip gloss, body soap, face cream, etc. I try hard to only use natural stuff so I end up saving lots of money this way.


bioisme wrote

lip balm everytime they're not in a cardboard package baybee